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Speaking Engagements

I'm a frequent speaker on a variety of topics (see my engagements page) and can create a compelling presentation for your organization.

Public Speaking Coaching

Whether you are practicing for an interview, delivering a presentation, or preparing a wedding toast, I can guide you on effective presentation skills.


I have experience speaking in front of large audiences both in-person and online. 

Cover Letter & Resume Review

I have extensive experience providing detailed and customized feedback on your cover letter and resume, customized to the job posting, to help you land your preferred job!

IP Fertility and Surrogacy Advice

After suffering from infertility for 6 years, I have experience navigating fertility treatment and surrogacy in Canada and the US.

I can answer questions from the experience of an intended parent, and give honest advice about how to navigate the process. 

Coaching & Mentorship

I provide guidance on navigating career changes (generally within the legal profession). Get some actionable tips on how to seek mentorship, change practice areas, or navigate a tough situation. 

“Fariya confidently and candidly shared what I wish I heard when I was starting my career. Fariya presented at the “Unconventional Career Paths” panel at the 2023 ALOC Conference. She shared her experiences transitioning from a Crown litigator role to a Senior Director position in the Law Practice Program at Toronto Metropolitan University and her career trajectory, to date.


During her presentation, she shared tangible ways one can advocate for oneself, pursue opportunities that seem outside of our expertise, and avoid the trap of “self-selecting” out of applying for a job. She was inspiring and confident. Thank you, Fariya."

Nelly Yanni, Crown Counsel

Ontario Canada

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