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About Me

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I am a litigator, leader, speaker, and volunteer.

As a litigator, my focus has been on public sector work. I've worked on trial and appellate files (primarily in civil law) and contributed to special projects including a legislative amendment, branch policy documents, media releases, and more.

As a leader, I manage a team of professionals at the Law Practice Program (LPP) - a program (akin to articling) that equips law graduates with valuable practical skills before they begin practicing law in Ontario. I work with hundreds of graduates, legal employers, and stakeholders each year to oversee the delivery of program elements, in addition to supporting senior leadership in vision development.

As a speaker, I present on substantive topics - such as training police officers on civil forfeiture and expert witness testimony - and non-substantive topics, including diversity in the legal profession, building equity in hiring, the licensing process, career planning, application materials/interview skills, litigation and oral advocacy, alternate career paths, and more.

As a volunteer, I serve my community by mentoring junior members of the legal profession. I currently sit on the Board of the Women's Law Association of Ontario where I act as the Co-Chair of the Membership Committee. Through my small impact, I hope to make the legal profession and the world a better place.

In my spare time, I enjoy creating things with my hands (painting, cake decorating, etc.), exercising, and reading a delicious thriller or mystery novel with a hot cup of tea.


Click below to see photos of my professional engagements 

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